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Hollow daze

Posted December 4, 2022 @ 5:19pm | by Hurl

Hollow daze

Ladies & Gentlemen, how do?

The dark days of December are descending upon us, so why not join me and the other lumpenproletariat in some day drinking? Day drinking not your thing? That’s cool, the sun will go down soon enough. All (sorta) joking aside, just wanted to let yinz know that I’m still breathing, and enjoying the west coast/best coast life here in Portland. Don’t believe everything you read on the telly – sure, every metropolitan area has its challenges, especially after the pandy, but there’s hidden charm everywhere you look. And you do have to be willing to look.

For those of you feeling festive, there’s some new merch in the merch store – beanies and slime green patches, for your stocking stuffer needs. During the holiday season, I want to simply acknowledge and thank every one of you for the continued and ongoing support, and a special hat tip/nod to the real rokkers who’ve made a visit this year. I’m not sure what the future holds, but I’m turning 55 next year and I’m ready to go full gas on the double-nickels. Here’s to sharing a trail, an ale, or approximately 55 cocktails in the future. 

All the best to you + yours.

-Tommy Eversonic

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