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flesh and steel

Posted June 5, 2003 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

The wedniteride is now the thursdaymorningride. We started with around 17 and ended with 6. In St Paul no less. Dirt alley downhill is of epic proportions. Ryan gets taken dowwwn at Merium Park derby. Trevor schooled all on the figure-8. BrowerPower powers down on all takers. Grayboy wants to take a nap. The Big Muddy takes us all. Oh yeah., IMBA(International Mountain Bike Association) is in town doin trail work and skills training. That's what they told us yesterday, at the fundraiser for IMBA, at the Turf Club, with the clean sounds of Safety Last and the rawk of 4130. A derby was attempeted during the 4130 show, only to be knocked down by a band of rowdy 4130 fans. You can't win them all, eh'? Other notables were QBP former and current employees, Banning O and his crew, The Rake magizine, Supermotard AP and JC, the wedniteride and the MPLS Mafia, and of course MC Hurl.
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