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100 Miles of Funk

Posted February 6, 2005 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Stupor Bowl has come and gone. Don't ask me who won, I was, uh, a little "stupored." It was another great race, and props to Christian and the Super Rookie. Now here's another event to mark on the calendar: Lumberjack 100-Michigan State Single Speed Championships SATURDAY JUNE 18, 2005 --LUMBERJACK 100 New this year, Kisscross and Slingshot Bicycles bring to you, Michigan's only 100 mile mountain bike race! To be held at the Big-M Ski Area in the Manistee National Forest. This course is gonna rock! Plan on a 3 or 4 lap race with each lap totaling 25-33 miles in length. The course features tons of elevation changes, singletrack, two track and fantastic scenery. The entry fees will be unlike other Kisscross events(sorry) but you will get plenty of perks for your hard earned cash. The race will also be limited to 100 racers, solo classes only and have a 12 hour time limit. Advance registration to begin in March. Keep an eye on the kisscross web site, more details to follow as they develop! Michigan Single Speed Championships decided at this race!
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