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Posted October 12, 2007 @ 4:53pm | by Hurl

Hey Moffit, here's that Electra croozer. Still want it?

The Cykel Garage is becoming a reality. Paint has been spilled. A few beers, too.

Old Style takes an early lead over Budweiser...
Photo Credit: Stroker Ace

New SE Racing brown & blue Chrome/CRC Messenger Bags. Two sizes: Metropolis-$135. Citizen-$110. Act now.

The 2 new CRC shirts, as seen here on the Barlows. Petropolis & Steering Wheel kid. Available now.

Some rock news from the Homey Fall Fest HQ. Thursday night, afore Fest, do yourself a favor and pedal some hooptie bar bike down to Big V's, for some dirty rock action.

Homie Fall Fest Kick-Off Dance
Thursday, 18 October
Big V's in St. Paul.
Juhyo, 4130, & Hondo
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