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Posted February 5, 2004 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Here is the latest info on the 8th Annual Snowballs Chance in Hell Formula Ice Race & Snowy Dash for Cold, Hard Cash: SATURDAY 7 FEB 2004 Hidden Beach at Cedar Lake High Noon *important: Entry fee is a receipt from any metro bikeshop of a purchase made in the last seven days. Support your local shoppes! Dammit, Bobby... what is the SCiHFIR&SDfCHC? you axin? It's a figure-8 course shovelled on the ice featuring the dead man's pursuit race, along with countless derby action. In addition, the one lap dash for the COLD HARD cash is not to be missed. Look for the Large Marge riding dipshits from Surlyville to excel in this discipline, but expect Evingson to defend his title with mucho gusto. -Kent Brockman Action Nooze Reporter
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