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Action Recap Beatdown

Posted September 10, 2008 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

After 3 straight weekends of hotte racing action, {NAPA/DAKOTA 5-0/RAPHA GENTLEMENS' RACE] I'm can only say one thing. Thank hell it's almost 'cross season. This will be a continual update. Check back for more Napa, Dakota 5-0, and Rapha updates; right now, I've got to mow the lawn. SSWC '08-NAPA, CA 23-24 AUG. 2008 Holy craptastic, where should I start? Day 1 and a delayed flight had us into SFO just in time to miss the Sycip open house, so drive off to Napa, with B.Rose at the wheel. Find the rental house on Main St. in Napa, just in time to drink a bunch of beer with 17 other Midwestern degenerates and a few Colorado interlopers. Late night visitors from Ohio, SLC, & The U.K. Day 2. Everyone in the house rallys for the hour drive to Fairfax for the Soulcraft group ride. Carl Decker from Giant rode a "custom" coaster-brake. A pal machines the oversize aluminum shell for heat dissipation, but the guts are from an $8 Shimano coaster-brake. Our "Squadra" of boozehounds stumble in at the last minute for sweet cruise up and around Tamarancho and Pine Mountain. All kinds of one speeders were waiting in the parking lot of the Java Hut. We took off up the trail. That night we went to Kirby Cove to meet the American Cyclery Group ride, coming over the Golden Gate Bridge. Up and over the fog swirled gravel access road to the cove meant an exact opposite return grind was in the wings.
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