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Posted November 2, 2004 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Today will go down in American history as the most important presidential election of our young country's existence, or at least in our modern lifetime. It is essential that you exercise your right and VOTE! Vote for whomever you wish, but just VOTE. I've just now returned from the local elementary school where we cast our ballot(s), and now it's time to go have a patriotic cocktail. When I wake up tomorrow, I fervently hope that George W. Bush and all of his arrogant cronies are unemployed (his folks are overjoyed...) But right or wrong, win or lose, do everyone a favor and VOTE! THIS JUST IN Local rock institution FIRST AVENUE & 7TH ST. ENTRY is reported to have closed according to a report this afternoon on MPR. Staff was "let go" and the doors have been padlocked. If this is true, it is a black day in rock and roll history, and just one more example of the blandness and homogenization that Block E has wraught on once beautiful downtown Minneapolis. Oh well, there is always the Triple Rock
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