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ARRGH!- I Shake My Head NO!

Posted December 13, 2004 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

"I live on a street where there are many, many cars and trucks and factories that pump and bang and grind all night and day....there is so much noise." it's a smoldering 23° today in the Minneapplelpuss. Makes me long for next week, when the Donut Queen & I will head to Californianegger for 8 days. But meanwhile, in Gotham City... The lads at CHROME tell me that our vaunted new CRC Metropolis messenger bags, will, in fact, NOT be ready in time for Xmess. ARRGH! To all you naughty and nice kids out there, I do apologize, but we should have them in the not-too distant future. And along those lines, if your favorite bikedork has put CRC KIT on their list, any order received after Dec. 17 WILL NOT SHIP until after the Holidays. We will certainly try to accomodate you, but make no special promises in this season of bloated national debt. Like I said, I'm going to California (with an achin' in my heart...) You see what I mean about parties? DIMEBAG DARRELL R.I.P.
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