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Posted January 7, 2004 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Damn, the Xtracycle is the shit! Today, I hauled the keg (empty, finally!) back to the Liquor Depot, strapped to the deck of the Xtracycle. The quizzical looks from the sad souls trapped in their coffins began almost immediately. Plenty of smiles and thumbs up, though. And the guys at the Depot were most intrigued. One of the employees came outside to check it out, and volunteered that he\'s car-free. Loves living and working downtown. Right on, brother. From the Depot, it was a leisurely ride Uptown to the K-Mart on Nicollet for some paint. Riding the Greenway on the way home, Gnarly Noah Kaufman, himself a recent Xtracycle convert, rolled up and we chatted for a few blocks. Then, just before the roundy-round leading up to 394/Penn Avenue, I saw a yellow-jacketed cyclist on a Mark Zeh fixxie. It\'s reassuring to see people out on their rides, regardless of the weather. Get some good clothes, people, and the world is yours! Hey man, it\'s 7:30 on Wednesday night, and it would be nice to see y\'all on the Wednesday Night Ride. The forecast is for an overnight low of only 9, so rock that vapor barrier and get on your horse, son. If not, well, it\'s your loss, amigo. But maybe you'll be at the 13th Annual CronoMetro Bike Swap, in Madison, on Saturday, January 24. Go to for details. Ciao for now...
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