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Posted January 31, 2008 @ 11:26am | by Hurl

Well, the On One Inbred is gone, as is the 59cm Steamroller, but come on down and check out the latest hot-rods at the Cykel Garage:

Late 80's/Early 90's (?) 58cm Schwinn Voyageur Touring Bike w/56cm top tube.
Made in Japan by Bridgestone, for Schwinn, this bike has 27" wheels with new Club Roost Cross Terra tires (27 x 1 3/8") and would make and excellent touring rig or all day gravel grinder. This thing is in IMMACULATE condition. Forest Green paint.

I can't believe no one has bought this sweet gem: 1988 RB-2. 53cm c-c, 53cm top tube. Pretty sweet condition, right dowwwn to the bio-pace chainrings. If this doesn't sell by the end of next week, it's getting converted to fixed gear, and the price will go up to prove it. Right now: $350.

Happy Nü Metal Year Everybody.
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