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Bleriot? or Blurry-OH! Spot Brand + Coor's Beer, BianchiUSA

Posted May 25, 2006 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

No pictorial evidence to back this up, but if you were thinking of getting one of those 650b wheeled bikes that Rivendell is touting these days, I'd steer clear of the Wednesday Night Ride with it. Or at least don't let Brauer Power ride it... In other nooze: Spot Brand is no longer Canadian. The once proud Maple Leaf single speed manufacturer has been sold to a group including former RockShox/Maverick goon Frank Scurlock, and former DirtRag cover leg model Christina Begy. Spot is now moving to the home of Coor's Beer, Golden, Colorado. Our favorite product manager, Sky Yaeger, is no longer with Bianchi USA. Sources tell us that she has quit. Actual words from Sky: "You can definitely say I quit, outta here June 16. The reason is that I want to spend LESS time with my family, learn how to tattoo cats and finally pursue a life-long dream of being a masters triathlete, with the specific goal of finishing in the top percentile of my age-group." I say, Bravo! Just remember kids, you can't spell 'square' without the 'Q'! If you've been following

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