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Bloody Hell

Posted December 17, 2003 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Well Good Morning Lads, Wireless internet connections are swell, no? Like how you can sit in a smoky coffee bar in Uptown, and post missives live to the International Network on the triple-W. But I digress... There's talk of a New Year's Day Hungover Helper Ride, being organ-ized by none other than Brauer Power. The meeting place will be the Lake Harriet Bombshell at High Noon. And contrary to some of the "rides" of late, this will be, in fact, just that: a RIDE. Be prepared to PEDAL, dammit Bobby. The overall theme is going to involve sledding, stunts, and Feats of Strength. So bring a flask, maybe a helmet, and don't forget the all-important VAPOR BARRIER. More nooze will posted as it becomes available. And the truly Hard Corpse should note that New Year's Eve is on a Wednesday this year. That means the Wednesday Night Ride should be extra punchy. Finally, there's only 8 days left until X-mess, so be sure to check out our CRC X-MESS SPECIALS on the post directly below this one. And to all you wisemen, BURN IN HELL! -Buildin' Leapin' Jones
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