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Breaking Nooze:

Posted October 27, 2010 @ 10:49am | by Hurl

This just in from the Bongfather of Local One-speeds,

Pintz Guzzld:

The HOMIE's Dead!
But the Foamy Autumn Aufroad Classic is on for this Saturday, Oct. 30th at High noon.

This event is meant to celebrate the death of the Homie and the birth of the Foamy. The Foamy is a offroad singlespeed rally in the woods. Be prepared to ride or don’t show up. You have been warned.

Meeting location will be announced later this week and it won’t be a bar.

Spread the word.

Foamy Autumn Aufroad Classic
October 30th at High Noon

What: Singlespeed Rally. Bikes, Buds and Barley!

Where: Meet at Trails - to be discloses 24 hours prior the event.

What to Bring: Single speed, beer and the proper attitude. Costumes strongly recommended.


Bikes with gears will be met with sneers. Cable cutters will be on site.

This event is about riding, not leaning your bike against a tree and standing around.

It is a mass start lap event. The number of laps is up to you. Safety breaks between laps are strongly recommended.

There will be a prize for the biggest Whiner, not the Weiner!

Fabulously shitting prizes will be awarded to other categories such as best crash, safest rider, and most unsafe costume etc.
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