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Cold beer and cold weather

Posted May 25, 2004 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Gawd Damn, it's nearly June and we're still slogging thru a wet spring, temps hovering in the 50's. Enough already. But it can't stop the bike culture bum rush. The StrongArm Marketing Bike Swap went off well, aside from Randy Lieberg's brand new 1x1 getting jacked. It's a white 18" Surly 1x1 with a telltale gold Chris King headset, grey Marzocchi fork, Avid mechanical discs, and Paul brake levers. Lots of red accents. Keep your eyes peeled and if you see it, throw a lock on the rig and a beatdown on the perpetrator. MOCA's wednesday night trail maintenance has begun at Theodore Wirth Park. Get over there tomorrow at 5 pm and throw some dirt around. I won't be able to join this week, but if you need a recumbent, come see me at Calhoun Cycle. The Wednesday Night Ride is rumoured to have some chicas on it tomorrow night. Get over to the bandshell before 10pm to find out. Just one of many scheduled stops might be Lee's Liquor Lounge to see the Rockin' Pinecones. Thursday night races at Buck Hill have also begun. More info can be had at Penn Cycle. That's it for now. Where's the beer?
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