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Posted July 29, 2010 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

People of Earth, we have some important nooze for youze: CRC T-shirts: We've unfortunately just learned that our printer is in the hospital, so the tshirts have been set back by at least a week. Apologies to Keith Bontrager and anyone else who has been delayed. H2O BOTTLES: You know 'em, you love 'em, the Specialized Little Big Mouth CRC Bottles, now with more GREEN! BIKES: There's a few gems coming out of the personal vault, so keep your eyes peeled here for upcoming photos. 55cm XO-1 w/S&S couplers, anyone? O.G. Steamroller? 1991 MB-2? Yes, these, and more, may soon be listed for sale here. Contact me with any questions.$175 Cycle Pro Oswego Single Speed. Bullmoose bars! $95 Schwinn Suburban Mixte w/new Conti tires. $400 Vintage Gentlemen's Trek 510. 61cm seat tube/57cm top tube. $600 20" Kona Unit, full of White Industries, etc. 55cm XO-1 w/S&S Couplers. Serious? You better be... $100 Turbine 175mm w/74/110 bcd. RACEFACE CRANKS: it's long been known that I am a fan of the the old RF Turbine cranks, and for awhile I was sitting on a stash of them. Well, I'm down to one pair, black 175's, w/ 74/110 bcd. If you'd like to turn these cranks in anger, then by all means get in touch. CRC HOODIES: Coming soon from STROKER ACE, these are going to be hotte, with the CRC Star logo printed on the lower back in REFLECTIVE ink.
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