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Community Service

Posted March 16, 2006 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

A gem of a Wednesday night ride, a real gem. With Cheever making an unannounced visit back to the 612, there wasn't any excuse for missing the ride that would hold water. But this morning I really wouldn't mind having had one. See, I can't lift my left arm beyond about 40°, due to a high-speed hoe-down with Cell Phone Guy on the Harriet bike path. I was pretty certain I was going to hit a tree at one point, next thing I know I'm on the ground with an over-extended shoulder/tricep muscle hating me, and now I'm singing the chicken wing blooze. Up until that incident I was enjoying what has been my longest ride in over 6 weeks, just feeling groovy about turning the cranks. I then proceeded to crash 3x in the same alley, bruising the palm of my right hand and bashing my knee repeatedly with each fall. With the fresh snow falling increasingly heavy, everyone took their turn(s) doing the same, usually self-derbied on some roller coaster downhill alley bomb, or a clever placed sheet of ice. Only Grayboy managed to stay upright the entire night. Guess there is something to that Pugsley. Like a bunch of manic schoolkids, we ripped up the night laughing at each other's repeated misfortune and inability to keep the rubber side down. On the way to the BLB after midnight, we helped some poor lad push his car up his steep alley driveway. Leaving the scene, Brauer-Power pronounced it the "Community Service ride" and then abruptly lost control of his bike. His face kissed off the rear end of a Chevy Blazer. Zito & I saw the whole thing happen, and from my vantage point, it looked like he cracked his dome open but good. He didnt', but for the rest of the 3 blocks to BLB, we were cascading with laughter, alternately wondering if we should go back and check on him before another guffaw would have us nearly falling down off our own rides. BLB was in full effect. Many pints of Surly Brown Ale were downed and then it was time to roll. Stuck my key in the mini-Krypto. Stuck is the right word, too. Damn thing broke off in the cylinder leaving me with a useless front wheel. Had to carry the bike 8 blocks to Zito's house where he gave me his bike to ride home.
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