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CRC to QBP part deux-RESULTS ARE IN!

Posted June 2, 2006 @ 8:06am | by Hurl

The CRC-to-QBP Time Trial, version Deuce, is about to go off. Stay tuned for updates. So far, only 3 riders (including Zitox) have arrived. Slackers...
Where's Ray?!?!?

UPDATE: 6 or 7 (?) riders are off. But no Meiser, Brauer, or Blake, so we will have a new champeen this time around. Stay tuned...

Erick Kyllonen-- 36:19:53
Chris Anderson-- 40:11:94 (fixed)
Zito-- 40:37:46 (fixed)
Luby-- 46:28:06 (single,well, two spd)
Chef Dog-- 47:00:05 (single)
Eric "Rolling Thunder" Sovern-- 47:33:47
Dr. Kate-- 1:05:08 (single)
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