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Crunk Cross Crazy Stallion vs. Wirth Its Weight In Gold....

Posted October 12, 2009 @ 6:58pm | by Hurl

Check out this vintage Gary Fisher, and do note the brake lever placement + u-brake. Very crunk. Saturday night saw the inaugural running of Kelly Bollox' CRUNK CROSS. Sort of a pseudo urban cross race/alley cat, CCX started us up a bombed out railroad corridor, with sand, mud, tracks, broken glass and concrete. Once to the Camden boat launch, it was a Northside assault on such fine establishments as the T-Shoppe, Tootie's, Halek's, with on stop at Kelly's crib before running back to One On One and the finish line.

I "won" the event by being first across the line, but Bobby here won the "drunk" class, and was rewarded a bottle of Crazy Stallion for his efforts.

Sunday we moved on to the Wirth CX Cup for some real racing action. Bare-Ass Beach stair run up was brutal. So was the bonfire crowd, waving flags, handing out one dollar bill$, and general tomfoolery.

CRC West, Inc. photos are HERE
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