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Denim Demons

Posted February 7, 2012 @ 5:14pm | by Hurl

Denim Demons

[photo credit:brad from urbanvelo]

I can honestly say I'm pretty stoked for this upcoming collaboration with Levi's, who came to town last weekend. Souphorse, their man on the street, timed his visit perfectly with STUPOR BOWL 15.  After Friday evening's top-secret meeting at Haute Dish, the weekend exploded into a frenzied bender or truly Nordic proportions. The warm weather/lack of snow characterizing this winter continued, which made it all the easiert to roar around town in a two-wheeled trajectory. This included watching nearly 400 souls gathering in the alley for Stupor registration. I'm always amazed at the collection of bikes, riders, and just the pure pageantry of the event. Had to work until 5pm in the shop, so we made sure to stay hydrated and got to watch the riders come thru the back alley as part of the secret second manifest, before ghost riding two prize bikes to the finish line award ceremony at the Nomad. A blurred ride home followed, as you can imagine. Thanks to Brad @ Urban Velo, Charles @ ArtCrank, Gene @ OOOBS, and the Bureau of Tobacco & Firearms... And in case you're wondering, the beard is staying for at least another week.

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