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Posted September 18, 2004 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

For the past week I've been riding an '05 Fox Racing Shox F80RLT and I must say it's a jim dandy. The immediately noticeable thing is that there is no flex, and this has to be attributed to the 32mm stanchions. Precision steering and smooth Float action from the air-spring and coil negative spring. On the fly lockout, with an adjustable blow-off threshhold means I can set the compression level in lockout mode. Also, since it's an 80mm fork, it doesn't raise the front end of the bike to chopperesque levels, in this case on the Voodoo Wanga One frame, (a problem encountered when I ran the RockShox Psylo U-turn on the same frame.) Tioga has a bitchen new tire in the Blue Dragon. I've been riding the 2.3 version for a few months now, including at the Dakota 5-0 race in South Dakota over Labor Day weekend, and they grip it up but good! An excellent single speed tire with wide, openly spaced knobs. Their website lists the weight for the kevlar version at 840g, but they're definitely lighter than that. Time's Z pedal has been seeing plenty o' action underfoot this season (shout outs to Chris Smith!). Their wide platform, combined with the confidence-inspiring (and mud-shedding) ATAC design equals comfort and control in every situation. Weight watchers might scoff at the portly 525g weight, but to hell with those people and their Atkins diets anyway... Stay tuned for further product reviews and updates, when the CRC Action Committee travels to Interbike in Las Vegas, October 4-8.
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