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Faders Up...

Posted December 26, 2003 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Did you survive? Did you make it through the Holiday gauntlet, a feast with friends and family? I did, but barely. The X-Mess Eve Wednesday Night Ride was fantastic. Two of us showed up at the Bombshell, Carbomb and myself, and proceeded to ride to the only bar we knew would be open: The Country Bar. Ho ho ho! And what do we have here, but Hard Corpse Larry, Dakota, and Coleman, bikes locked akimbo out front. The karaoke machine was just getting warmed up when Trevor & Crue showed up. H.C. Larry announced, \"I wanna tackle Trevor,\" and proceeded to do just that, with a loud crash of barstools below. How drunk are these guys? The High Life\'s were flowing, Carbomb cutout at 11:30 for a date, and the karaoke did not stop! Rolled home the empty Xmess streets to 2:30 am slumber. Zzzz. No sign of Satan Klaus, but check out this link
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