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Friday afternoon ruminations on a post-Wednesday night ride blooze...

Posted December 3, 2004 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

I want to tell the real-life stories of our mixed up cocktail cycling brethren, croozing the mean streets every wednesday night in search of harder, faster alley runs and boiler plate ice survival riding styles, fast and loose liver damage on the frozen trails and backyard singletrack tundra of the 612 and beyond. The latenight impromptu DH sessions under Uptown bridges through construction barriers and if a little bit of debris gets thrown into the path of oncoming cars, what can you do, but lose your Kryptonite Mini from Dickies back-pocket ejection, only to return to the scene mid-afternoon for retrieval and a cigarette. We've got the real dope skinny here in the form of bike ridin' boozehounds. It's not secret and you're all invited.
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