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Gene Dropped! Bike Swap!

Posted May 6, 2004 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Sources close to the Minneapolis Mafia have confirmed that Eugene Paul Oberpriller was dropped on last night's Wednesday Night Ride for the first time in the ride's sordid history. Brauer Power reportedly put the screws to the pack and Oberpriller, better known as "Gene O", was shot off the back like a roman candle, and just could not hang on. In other nooze, the annual StrongArm Marketing Bike Swap will be held again on Sunday, May 16 in the alley behind One On One Bike Studio, (also known as the alley behind Sex World). 12-5, lots of great deals to be had, and two (2) count 'em rock bands will be playing. Stay tuned for further details and flyers, coming soon! Now back to you in the studio, Tom!
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