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head colds, recumbents, and rock and roll!

Posted April 17, 2004 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Today I'm missing out on the Zeigmeister Brewery Tour Ride, in honor of host and proprietor Pintz Guzzled's birthday, all because I have a frickin' head cold. How the hell do you get a cold in the spring? I don't know, but I do know I need some rest, as I leave for Fruita, CO and the Fat Tire Fest next week. Don't want to be illin' for that. Hopefully I'll be aboard a prototype VooDoo Wanga One, with the slotted dropouts for some single speed finesse. In local action, I'm working at a shop again here in Minneapolis. Calhoun Cycle is the premier recumbent and folding bike dealer in the Midwest. It's pretty interesting as this is a segment of the industry I've never dealt with. I doubt I'll be riding a recumbent anytime soon, and it may not seem as glamorous as the hipster coffee bar hangouts, but the shop's approach to alternative transportation is refreshing, the staff is truly fantastic, and of course there's the added benefit of getting to work with the Wrexican! Finally, I am so stoked about this next bit of info you cannot even believe! The almighty ZEKE roars thru town on Monday, April 26 opening for Superjoint Ritual at First Avenue. Zeke's latest, "Til the Livin' End" has just been released on Relapse Records. Come on down to the see the tightest punk metal band on the planet! -North Dakota Man
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