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Heavy Metal

Posted September 14, 2002 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

good news, fiends. The 2003 Bianchi one-speed dirt bike, for the first time, will be made of METAL! That's right, I'm talkin' 4130 CHROMOLY, cousin. Look for an exclusive update right here next week. In other news, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, CRC #12 will be hitting the streets in time for Interbike/SSWC '02. Chock full of useless info, unflattering photos, and a bunch of sordid lies. As always, contributions are welcome. The long-awaited CRC Most Factory Tshirt should also be ready around Interbike. A straight jacking of the old Bicycle Motocross Action jersey, you will be lucky to be the second person on yer' block to have one as Chef Dog is guaranteed the first. Went up to Denver last weekend to see Speedealer at the 15th St. Tavern with Wakeman, Chef, and Mac. Rode the venerable Swan bike down to the show, and despite numerous pedal scrapings due to an ungodly low bb height, I did not go dowwwn. Truly amazing, especially on the ride home since the former Surly frontman was pushing Jameson & water on us all night. It wasn't until last call that we realized that Speedealer didn't even show up. A major disappointment given their full page spread in the Westword where they claim that they "always show up." So we rode home and drank Tecate in Wake's backyard until 3 a.m. SSWC '02 is less than two months away. Get yer' training on, son... -Hurl
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