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Posted September 28, 2009 @ 2:23pm | by Hurl

[Photo of Kelly Mac's front wheel by Kelly Mac] The HECK DU NORD" has come and gone, and if you like the thought of riding 104 miles of mostly gravel roads in the Duluth area, then I suggest you make plans for next year. A big thanks to Jeremy Kershaw & his crüe for an excellent event.

A few weeks back I flew to PDX to take part in the Rapha Gentlemens' Race. This was 6-person team event, featuring 23 teams racing from the coastal burgh of Otis, OR, all the way back to the Rontom Bar 138 miles away in Portland. Team CRC, (shown here in front of the Git-R-Dun Racing truck, which was discovered near a yard sale right outside of BEAVER, OR, -we "got lei'd in Beaver.") was once again victorious in the K.O.F. category (Kings Of Fun). No other team that we know of stopped at a winery in the beautiful wine-region town of Carlton.

This weekend, why don't you get on up to the Ghandi Dancer Family Bicycle Ride For Peace, Sunday, 4 October. Utilizing the Gandy Dancer Trail & surrounding roads, there will be 10, 28, 45, or 100 mile options. Do it.
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