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Hudson CX

Posted October 5, 2009 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Saturday I went to the Hudson CX Race w/Mac, & The Hendersons. Good times were had by all, and there are pictures to prove it... The course was a mix of some tech dirt, sandy power sections, sandy running sections, and a water crossing. The Goodrich Team looked good; Scott E. Rob had some tubular issues. EZ E. Taylor took commanding lines thru all the slop and looked strong like ox! The peanut gallery tried to offer me a beer just past the h2o crossing, but having just been passed lapped by eventual race winner, Paul McKinney, I tried to hang on his wheel for a lap. Didn't happen... I had a good time, though, and am stoked for more racing this weekend. CCMPLS will prove to be an interesting affair, while Sunday, the Wirth Classic Cup bring cx back to the city limits. The drive home saw some interesting rides:
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