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In a Cold Sweat...Stupor Bowl 10

Posted February 7, 2007 @ 3:39pm | by Hurl

Brad Q., Jeff G., Blockweed, Topher, & The Polish Hammer showed up for Stupor Bowl X, driving all the way from Pittsburgh/Philly in a VW Eurovan. They were troopers, but I think the cold knocked 'em for a loop. Blockweed, how come we ended up waiting for you? Twice?

They met these crazy broads at the bar...well, actually they're not that crazy. J-Rose, Megan, & Kelly Mac. All rad chicks who ride.

and ate breakfast at the Triple Rock...This, my good reader, is a MotherTrucker w/Veggie Sausage. Best breakfast in town, pretty much. (note the Guiness, and the Kahlua pancakes in the corner. Heaven's not too far away...)
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