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In like a lamb...

Posted March 1, 2004 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

And out like a lion. Well it's March 1, and the temps are something like 43 (yes, above). So if traditional folklore means anything, we'll be seeing a monsoon or some equally vexing weather pattern by month's end. Muddy trails and cask-pulled ales, or something like that. Meanwhile... Gene-on-One & myself spent a dismal day at the SPRC/Grand Performance Swap Meat yesterday. Some good deals were to be had, but most of the patrons had long arms and short pockets. I think I made a whopping $35, my worst swap to date. Ebay, here I come. In the next few days, I'll try to post a list of parts, frames, etc. that we have for sale here at CRC HQ, and you know the deals will be buttery smooth. Also, the tentative date for the StrongArm Marketing Spring Bike Swap has been set for Sunday, May 16. More nooze will be posted as we firm things up, but expect the usual suspects, a beer sponsor, and a few rock bands. Speaking of rock bands, if you're local to the 612, I hope you had the good sense to check out the crushing slab of sound layed down by Zebulon Pike as they opened for Likehell at the Uptown Bar this past Saturday. At any rate, it looks like the freezer burn of 2004 is mostly behind us, the streets are paved with tourists, and the SLICK 50 is coming up this month, so get ready for another spring season of BICYCLE PUNKROCK ACTION! -Hurl
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