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just like riding a bike...

Posted October 9, 2006 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Ok, enough already. Saturday night I pulled the MB-5 off the hooks and rode home from the shop. Big deal, you might be saying to yourself. Well you're goddamn right. It is a big deal to me, as I haven't really been able to ride for over 6 weeks. So as I was saying, I threw a leg over the MB-5 and was merrily rolling home. It wasn't for several blocks before it dawned on me that I was riding again, with no noticeable pain signals from the (c)ankle. I'll be switched. And so it goes. Rode to-and-fro the shop again yesterday. This could be habit forming. And just as the temps are dropping. (Snow by Wednesday?) No cross racing, though. I will be in attendance at Boom Island and Powderhorn, with bells clangin' and flasks draining. Just thought you ought to know. Oh, and before I forget. Check THIS out.
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