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Lamont, I'm Having the Big One...

Posted February 26, 2008 @ 3:54pm | by Hurl

Sir Jon Fleck, Esq. dropped by the Cykel Garage today with his newly assembled Surly Big Dummy. Damn, those things are cool, and it's just a matter of weeks before the 20" size arrives. And by 20" size I really mean "my" size. Ahem. But I digress. [edit: 20"s just arrived in stock at Qube Farm. Mine is ordered and will be picked up manana; woo-hoo!] This is Fleck's first foray into the longbike. He says he digs it, but that it took a boatload of Framesaver to coat those tubes. I believe him.

"Grady, pass me some more ripple..."

The pink Chris King headset is a nice touch, and adds a bit of color to the behemoth. "It's such a dark bike," sez Fleck. Is he talking about its soul?

A man and his machine.
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