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Posted October 21, 2003 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Interbike '03 is long gone, and thanks for that. In the 10 years that I've been heading to this circus, '03 was the first time I wasn't real stoked to hit it. Of course I had a good time in Sin City, and the show was full of cool shit. But I think it's high time Interbike moves this cavalcade to a more central location. I'm thinking Denver. Or Omaha... The coolest thing I saw at the show, or rather the coolest folks were a couple of guys selling folding trailers, in a back corner of the expo. One was from London, one a Scot, and one from Vancouver. The point is, these blokes are serious about increasing mobility improving transportation infrastructure. Be sure to check out for the real deal. Other than that, it was the usual parade of boolshit, bolt-on tits, and free beer. Coolest bike? A toss up between Maverick's Emma-ML-7, a 20" wheel version of their bitchen trail bike that P.T. built up for his daughter Emma's 7th birthday, and the chrome-plated Brooklyn Machine Works DH slammer. Pure artisans making cool shit. Surly's new touring rig, the Long Haul Trucker, is pretty cool, pretty neat. And the Bike Pipe, which is essentially an update of the old card-in-the-spokes gimmick, funnelled through a chrome "exhaust" pipe, making your bike sound like a back-lot Harley would be handy for urban assaults. Beyond that, it looks as though the next Minneapolis Single-Speed Rally will be Saturday, November 29 (the Saturday after T-giving.) More details as they develop. Now go down to One-On-One Bike Studio to check out recent work by Oakland artist Steve Smith, and buy something. -Hurl
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