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Update on Loren Morlock-4-28

Posted April 29, 2006 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Dear Family and Friends of Loren, Today is Friday, thus one week has elapsed since Loren entered the hospital. The passing of time this last seven days seems a bit unreal, though it's anything but that. I can only imagine how hard it is for all of you who wish you could be here with Loren, Jenn, Tom, Nancy, and James, but cannot. Please understand that the sympathy and support from those of you in contact with Jennifer means everything to her and the kids. I've forwarded all but a handful of personal emails I've received on to Jenn and Nancy to read to Loren and the rest of their family. Many of you have written me saying that you were gathering photos or composing something for Loren. Hold tight a little longer until we have a web site for Loren. The template Nancy and I looked at was too impersonal for someone who has been called many things, but very rarely - if ever - impersonal. We're going to put something together that will better reflect Loren himself, and the roles he has played in our lives. As far as his condition goes, he remains largely unchanged. I spoke with Nancy at noon and his temperature was up again, though the swelling of his brain was back down. The operative words for his care at present are simply rest, rest, rest. He was expected to have to fight infections, and his fluctuating temperatures likely reflect that he is. His medical staff wants to let him ride a few of them out like we would the worst part of a cold. He's tough and seemingly raring to move on, but until they can remove his ventilator without the risk of needing to reinsert it, we have no choice but to try and wait patiently until some of his vitals stabilize. He should be improving before long, as is believed by the people caring for him. Today marks the return to work of Curtis, one of Loren's many great caretakers, since he ended his last rotation this past Sunday. Loren's first glimpses of his surroundings after waking from surgery included Curtis, a fact we can all be thankful for. I'm not sure what his official title is, or even his last name for that matter; what little I do know is that he's a dedicated father, and a rare, consummate professional: a complete variant from fast food employees seemingly around ever turn. Three words readily come to mind to describe him: Angel of mercy. They fit perfectly given his combination of knowledge, skills, compassion, and dedication to his profession and to helping heal Loren. I mention him specifically because I feel it's important to acknowledge him publicly. He's helped lay a large part of the foundation that Loren and Jenn will rebuild from. We all owe this guy a favor. Coincidentally, Jenn just called to ask me a few questions, as well as to update me on Loren's condition. His temperature is back down to 98.5, and his cranial pressure is at 6 (2 to 8 is considered healthy). Curtis also backed off on Loren's pain medicine and has him responding to simple commands to move his left arm, something he hasn't accomplished for a couple of days. That simple action doesn't sound like much, but trust me - it is. Every improvement like this reminds me of the adage of "every journey beginning with a single step". Loren is continuing down his road of recovery, albeit every so slowly. Thanks again for all of the kind words to Jenn and the rest of us here in Boulder. Keep Loren in your thoughts and prayers. Sincerely, Steve Porsborg PS: On second thought, feel free to keep the emails coming, but be sure to save them so they can be reposted at the appropriate time. Hang on to your photos until later. - Thanks.
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