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Update on Loren Morlock-4-29

Posted April 30, 2006 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Dear Family and Friends of Loren, Today was another quiet day for Loren. His attendant switched him from one type of pain killer to another; he slept through the immediate hours after the change until his ideal dosage levels were determined. His prescription was altered to reduce the narcotic effects of the drugs he receives. Virtually needless to say, the meds he's on are extremely powerful. His withdrawal from their grasp will be something many of us will need to assist Loren with in later days. More than ever it's apparent to me that that's what friends and family are for. There is good news. Loren is much more cognitive when his sedative is weaned and he's alert. He recognized Jennifer and Nancy last night, and he was able to answer simple questions by a nod or shake of his head. Nancy witnessed him raise an eyebrow in exclamation to a remark she made. On one occasion, Loren shifted his gaze from Nancy to Jennifer as Jenn began to speak to him from a different sphere of his periphery. James lifted his arm today and he winced; James asked if his arm hurt, and he shook his head. They both understood his meaning: "my arm is fine - it's something else". Everyone here is anxious to get him off his ventilator and sedatives, his doctors and attendants included. But at the risk of sounding like a broken record: the combination of his injuries requires his medical staff to err on the side of caution with the choices they make. In that regard, Loren's ventilator won't be removed any earlier than Monday. To the few of you who may have tried to contact Jennifer today without success: there's no reason to be alarmed. She flew to Phoenix today with Tom, to gather her's and Loren's remaining belongings. They're going to pack everything into two cars, then highball it back to Boulder tomorrow. Jenn will likely be difficult to get hold of until late Monday. She'll undoubtedly want to spend Monday morning engaged with Loren, and that afternoon is a scheduled meeting comprising his entire staff of caretakers. Jenn asked me to attend, thus we should have some idea of what will transpire during the next two to three months. I'm already bracing for the sobering realities we'll surely be presented. I fear that Monday's email will be difficult to write and read. That stated, I still believe that Loren will likely come out of this a better person for the wear and tear. I just glanced at the clock and realized it's eleven and time to end this message. I have an email I received from Loren's sister, Kathy, that I'd like to distribute this evening before bed. The images of Loren and his devotion to family it evokes deserve to be shared without delay. I think there's something in it for everyone, no matter if you're a relative of Loren's or not. Keep the faith. Sincerely, Steve Porsborg
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