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Man Dowwwn

Posted June 14, 2007 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Local stalwart Dave Gray took a strange fall last night in the waning moments of the Thursday Morning Ride. Possible dislocated hip or broken leg. The HCMC broom wagon swooped him up. Awaiting word from Southside Goonsquad (BP,GO,CZ) for confirmation. *THIS JUST IN: BROKEN FEMUR. Shit, this sucks. Send all your healing karma toward Grayboy. PART DEUX: Riding at Lebanon Hills on Friday morning, I clipped a tree with the left side of my handlebar. This jettisoned me off of the Sycip to the right and I landed in a cluster of stumps and branches, with a jagged edge stabbing into my right arm just between the bicep and the armpit. Muscle tissue was only slightly torn, and unbelievably the wound did not really bleed at all. But the puncture required 10 stitches; 4 to reconnect the muscle tissue, and 6 to close the wound. Egads, no fun at all. Anti-biotics and lots of 12 oz. curls in are the rehab regimen, (though I've already rode part of Wirth and Hobo Camp w/my 11 year old nephew Breck.) Hopefully I'll be back to full speed in a week or so. Doc sez 10 days...
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