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Monsters of Sock

Posted June 6, 2005 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Mofo of SOCKGUY assures me that the CRC sock order is being stitched this week. Again, I apologize to all of you waiting for socks. Sockguy's service is usually pretty dialed; I think they got delayed this time around because of increased demand on their entire product line. At any rate, hang tough, and you should have your socks within a week. There's racing action on the calendar, and that includes the 12 Hours of Sunset Park up in Mandan, ND on June 25. Currently, I'm about as fit as Redd Foxx and a bottle of Ripple, but Fitzgerald is talking loud again, throwing down the gauntlet. A recurring nightmare for him is the DAKOTA 50 race where last year I defeated him with a steak dinner on the line. Well in the interests of gaining some semblance of fitness, I went running tonight. The first time in 2005, I think. What pain. What a slow train. I felt like Wes Unseld of the 1977 Washington Bullets, lumbering through the paint. I think it's time to ride down to the taqueria for burrito. And then wash it down with a tall, cool Budweiser...
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