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More Details on The Slick 50 (w/apologies to Reed...)

Posted March 18, 2007 @ 5:57pm | by Hurl

[sweet photo:Kelly Mac]
For those of you waiting for "more details to follow, shortly," The Slick 50 Ride went off on St. Patrick's Day. The meeting point was the Triple Rock for some mean breakfast. I had Kahlua pancakes, two fried eggs, a Guinness and a shot of Jameson...

The bike rack was full.

We got started just before noon. In hindsight, this was somewhat of a bad move as it allowed the LRT trails to thaw into a nice peanut butter consistency. Right here though, we're just rolling out on the smooth pavement of the Midtown Greenway. We took this out through Hopkins...

and we're headin' out to the Highway...

Mac in the mud...

maps were consulted when part of the pack got separated coming off of Co. Rd. 19.

Heading back toward the city now on the Luce Line trail, we took a much needed respite. The Luce Line too, was soft and thawed. It felt like we were on a stair master the whole time so we took the pavement back into Wayzata.

McGinty Road en route back to the Minnetonka trail. 20 people started the ride, 20 people finished. Just not the same 20... Thanks to everyone who made it out. Next year I'll get you the info beforehand, Reed... More photos HERE.
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