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Nervous Breakdown

Posted July 15, 2003 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

I'm a hypocrate and a sinner. I bought a new car today. (My first ever "new" car. But read on, and maybe you'll empathize.) Mac & I left Mpls. in my '84 VW Bus on July 2, destination Colorado. We made it to Medora, ND for Lesterfest on July 4 with no problems, but since then the bus has broke down 4x, been in three separate garages, and been towed twice. Fuck me. We were even headed back to Mpls on Sunday, in 99 degree heat, when ol' Janet Reno broke down 85 miles east of Denver. So call me crazy, but I traded that sucker in today for a Ford Focus. I feel like a slut, but shit, man, I wasn't about to attempt another cross country journey in a 20 year old bus with a suspect motor. $365 in towing charges is enough, thanks very much. Ford claims this thing will get 32 mpg. and I assure you I won't be driving it much. But dammit, I needed to get home, and need reliable transport to go see the boy in Chicago, and visit Mom in NoDak. Hopefully, I'll be back to Mpls. by the weekend. Due to all this shit, Ragbrai ain't happening for me this year. And any orders placed in the last two weeks will ship on Monday. Hey, at least the car salesman bought me a twelver of Budweiser... arrgggh!!!! -Hurl
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