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Night of The Long Knives

Posted October 18, 2011 @ 6:37pm | by Hurl

Boy-howdy, these past two weeks I've been doing a bang-up job losing any fitness I may have gained this year. Chalk it up to waning motivation, and the sleeping dragon.  And now it's already the beginning of the long winter as temps are expected to plummet to around freezing for the next three nights. Weren't we just racing cx in 80° temps two weeks ago? Shit, it's inevitable, just like every other year. That doesn't mean I have to like it. That said, had another nice, mellow crooze today with Lincoln-expat Butch Johnson rolling around Mpls. Had to to dig deep and find the wind-proof vest, as well as the Rapha winter cap today, but no bother. Still better than being trapped behind the wheel of a fossil-fucker. Point is, it's nice to have the option, –I realize some don't, or can't– but I digress. But before we fall headlong into the tundra conundrum that is winter in these parts, do stay tuned, as there's much mayhem about to ensue: 

FlecktoberFest- Rocktober 22

Bandit Cross- Rocktober 23

Fhoamy Fall Fezt- Rocktober 29

More nooze to follow.

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