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Posted August 15, 2002 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Hola compadres. I've recently returned from Crested Butte and Durango, where I've had some of the finest rides of the summer. 401 trail and Reno/FlagBear/Deadman's in CB both killers, the latter a four hour mindbender, done more or less on an empty stomach, and both rides on the 34 x 18 Soulcraft, complete w/Vicious Cycles hard fork. Shout outs to Snarl; that fork tracks like a dream. The XC course in Durango was also an epic O.G. style mountain bike track, full of hate climbs, rock, switchbacks, and forearm-pumping descents through fields of boulders the size of bowling balls. Fitting that Durango homeboy T.Brown was at the front for much of the men's race, and even though uberman Roland Green took the W, it was rad to see Travis on the podium. And so my Heavy Pedal Tour journey comes to an end. It's now time to get cracking on CRC #12 which will be out in time for Interbike. NEMA shorts will be back in stock this week, and the new CRC Action tshirts are coming soon. As I write this, it is Wednesday. If I were in Mpls. I'd be going on the night ride with the Mafia. I have it on high authority that lately the "ride" portion of the night ride has been somewhat soft, so if you're in the 612, get on your fookin' bike and beat it down to the Lake Harriet bombshelter picnic tables tonight, ready for action!
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