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oh, canada

Posted July 4, 2002 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Hello all you cowboys, I'm in Whistler, BC for the Joyride Bikercross. Man is this place sick. In addition to the world class resort setting, they've got a skatepark, with bowl, and sick dirt jumps. The Surly Instigator has been getting a workout. Earlier yesterday, we hung out in Vancouver, my new favorite city in the world. Strikingly beautiful architecture, and every single girl is drop-dead gorgeous. But none of that is as exciting as the fiasco at the border yesterday morning. Apparently the border guard had access to my 'permanent record.' Seems my youthful transgressions of 10 years ago made me somehow 'inadmissable' to the country, until I purchased a "temporary resident visa" to the tune of $200 Canadian. So a dui in Mpls. and a misdemeanor amount of weed in Montana, both of which transpired in the early '90's, finally caught up with me. But come on? Apparently Canada already has too many drunks and weed-heads of their own, that they didn't want to take a chance on me? Whatever. I'm having a great time in Whistler anyway. Wish you were here...
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