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Pain Locker

Posted October 17, 2005 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

I went into the pain locker again yesterday. Rode the Boom Island 'C' race on the 41 x 18 Cross Check. Geno rode the orange jumpsuit on the tall bars Cross Check in the 'C's, and then did the 'A' race riding a different bike each lap. The guy is a freak. I was airing off the tree well in the corner where all the One On One/Kenwood Racing groupies were congregated. Sensei Szeluga had too much rock for one hand. Crazy Dan was getting crazy, and the Pedal Swap Pit Crue kept busy for Geno all during the 'A' race. Good times, great oldies. Next week is the Powderhorn Park Cross. Check with the Hub Bike Co-op for deets. and don't forget this One. What else? Uh, the Homie Fall Fest is Sunday, Oct. 30. Brau/Sov/Cor are responsible so there's no flyer just yet. Maybe check the Surly Blog. And do check out Pilderwasser.
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