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Posted June 15, 2002 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

People of Earth... well, here you go, a looooooooooooong overdue update to the moldy CRC website. Actually, more of a debriefing as to what the hell I\'ve been up to since leaving Surly in January. Right now, I\'m slapping keys in beautiful downtown Colorado Springs --hey, look, there\'s Pike\'s Peak right outside the window! The new Soulcraft Plowboy is exceptionally smooth, like butter. Melted butter on a thick slab of sourdough toast. It\'s that good. In three days I\'m going on the road with Bike Magazine\'s Heavy Pedal tour. It\'ll be two months of vagabonding around the US and Canada, rollin\' a VW Eurovan, (VR6, natch) to various races, festivals, bike shops, dive bars and La Mars Donut shops, promoting Bike Mag. Check for the itinerary. That said, kit orders may be delayed a bit. On that topic, some of you may be wondering where the hell your stuff is? Well, I can assure you, it will all arrive in a nice little package asap. With the move to C.Springs, obviously my address has changed, so all of you who sent orders to the Minneapplepuss address, please relax, as my mail has now been forwarded. I apologize for the delay(s). And do please note the new mailing address: CRC PO BOX 541 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80901 In other terrible news, it is with great sadness that I report to y'all that my favorite band in the world, Zeke, has disbanded. Shit. However, Donny is already making noise in his new outfit, Camarosmith. Keep an eye out for them. Now go ride your bike. I've got to do some laundy. rock. -Hurl
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