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Pig's Eye Punisher

Posted May 19, 2009 @ 1:33pm | by Hurl

Here is a picture of the "winner" of Brauer Power's PIG'S EYE PUNISHER Ride, from Sunday, 17 May, 2009...

After this happened, I woke Sunday morning looking for a little recovery ride. What I received instead, (big shock) was a relentless hill-climb extravaganza, organized by the Brauer Power Hardman Corporation, whose leader can be seen below:

After some brief preliminaries at the Muddy Pig Tavern (read: hydration), we rolled out 7 strong for a roughly 50-mile "tour" of some of St. Paul's hilliest burghs and bluffs. I attempted an "acceleration" on the day's first climb, up to Mounds Park, and was immediately relegated to the pain cave. Brauer Senior and his henchman, Gene O. (no, not that Gene O....) were waiting for us. After that, a truly remarkable day awaited us, as we valiantly fought for second place all day behind Trevor.

The halfway point was marked by a stop at Jersey's Bar in Inver Grove Heights. Pitchers, nachos, (w)awful fries, and cheese curds were consumed for the second push. Some of these hells, I mean hills, I have ridden before. Most, I have not. But I hope to again. Thanks BP one and two, and Gene for making this happen.

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