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Posted December 31, 2003 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

-from Punk Planet #53 Cars Are Coffins #11 I was pretty excited to receive this as I’ve seen Cars R Coffins stickers and such for a long time, but I was never even aware that the zine existed. Unfortunately, it is apparently distributed through Tower Records and seems to pander to that audience. For the killing blow, the brunt of this issue is full of stories about just drinking beer and driving cars. Ugh, what a joykill. The practical bike information was so minimal that it was disgusting (JB) Hooray! We got panned in Punk Planet! When will these blowhards get it? It's cars-R-coffins, not toys-ARE-us.... Next up, we'll try to piss off Maximum Rock-n-Roll. And we will continue to pander to the Tower Records audience (huh?!???) -practicHurl
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