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Posted February 15, 2005 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Howdy Rokkers, lest you did not know it, this weekend will be a maelstrom of bicycle culture in our fair city. Friday night at One On One Studio, the closing party for 21 Days to Paris will take place. Your last chance to check out Caroline Yang's excellent TDF photo exhibit. As the weekend coincides with the annual QBP Open Haus, (Frostbike), expect many bike industry luminaries to be present. But the big deal is Saturday night. After taking in the Hank 3 show at First Avenue, be prepared to attend the screening of the American cyclocross film, PURE SWEET HELL, midnight at the St. Anthony Main theatre. Meet at One On One from 8-11 pm for a mixer and then RIDE to the show on your cross bike, if you have one. Happy Birthday today, to my Pops. Capt. Larry is 73!
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