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Posted August 10, 2002 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Pike's Peak is obscured out my window by clouds, but that's alright; the cooler weather is bringing a little bit of rain, and that's nothing but good news for the trails around these parts. Yesterday I rode Section 16 and the Inteman (sp?) trail just west of town. Nothing like long, lung-hating climbs rewarded by fast pea-gravel and pine cone descents, two-wheel drifting thru the corners and hoping that the Lawill Leader will last just one more ride, (ride w/Mert!). The Soulcraft continues to handle with slender and precision, with a backbeat that's narrow and (not) hard to master. With apologies to mojo risin', you understand. A new fork and new skins are soon to be hung on the Plowboy, and I can't wait to get out on the new XTR pedals, which, according to Joe Murray, are "impossible to be disappointed" with. Back in Minneapplepuss, word on the street is that there may be some kind of rally going down on or around August 3, most likely an enduro format of sorts, involving both sides of the "Big Muddy" and copious amounts of local home-brewed delights. This, according to Tito Riviera of One-on-One Bike/Strongarm Marketing. Contact if you need more direction in your life... Also, Oriska-Fingal Team rider, McGruff, is heading back to the Show Me State soon, and there is said to be a two-keg send-off salute this weekend somewhere in the 612. If you're down with that St.Louis Blues sucka, rile him up for the 411: Lastly, there are still a few issues of CRC #11 remaining and if you'd like to read the idiotic ramblings of a couple of besotted bike junkies, then just send $3 bucks this way, and no one gets hurt. Now go get down in the dirt. -Skurvy Knave
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