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Rapha Classic Wind Jacket

Posted April 24, 2012 @ 9:11am | by Hurl

Rapha Classic Wind Jacket

(picture: salt-licked Rapha cap, Ragnarok 105)

In the time that I've owned this Rapha Classic Wind Jacket, it has easily become my go-to item that, if not being worn, at least gets stuffed into my bag. The fabric is mind-boggling soft, yet durable, and the wind-proof quality of such a lightweight jacket is hard to over-emphasize. Also highly water-resistant, this wafer thin piece will forever be part of my cycling wardrobe. Now Rapha is offering the same material in a standard shirt, as well. Some people bitch and moan at the cost of Rapha gear, and decry their "epic" image. To those people, I can only ask, have you ever tried any Rapha gear? The pricing really isn't much different that other top-level brands, (Pearl Izumi, Garneau, Castelli, etc.) and much lower than certain players (Assos). But most importantly, the fit, finish, – and I cannot stress this enough, the function of Rapha gear, is top-level. And let's face it, unless you are a complete cad, the Rapha aesthetic is simply beautiful. This jacket looks good, with thoughtful design details that let you know they were designed for real riding, by real riders. It is, a true classic.

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