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Report from Down Under-2003 World's

Posted November 4, 2003 @ 6:06am | by Hurl

Rob Ogren, his wife Carrie, and Gary Fifield are in Melbourne for the 2003 Single Speed Worlds, the lucky bastards. Here's a report from Rob: Yesterday was the Barbie On the Yarro because of Melbourne Cup Day. Big Horse Race and everyone in Melbourne gets the day off. Dano organized the barbie by putting Mallachi in charge. Mistake. All the barbies were taken by the time we got there. Stupid us, we showed up only 15 minutes after the appointed hour. Everyone else started showing up after. Someone had a gas grill so we didn't starve. It was a delightful day with temps of 25C. It was our first really nice day. Everyone got burned except us. There was maybe 35 of us total, but a pretty mellow group since not a single derby happened. But much beer and booze was consumed. The core group headed off to the corner bar ( to have a few mugs and chips to cap off the day. It was your usual sleezy/biker bar with a few hookers thrown in. But very weird watching all the couples get off the train nearby after the Cup, all dressed in their goin' to the prom best, hats, high heels and all, while we sat there in this dingy tavern. Riding on the left is getting more natural now. And Carrie is getting into the urban assault mode more, but I really have to break her of the habit of obeying every single law out there. Today is a trail ride, and we have a "plan" to hook up with Mallachi about noon somewhere on Chapel Street, go for coffee, then ride some nearby trails. Maybe a night ride. This is a great town for bikes. Rob
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