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R.I.C.E. and the Dakota 5-0

Posted August 30, 2006 @ 8:27pm | by Hurl

Here it is, the cankle. So I'm finishing my final night lap, it's just before sunrise–a dull twilight is coming over the sky and I'm exiting "The Hideaway" at Afton, so I know I'm home free, with just "Larry's Revenge" to get thru and then a cold PBR will be awaiting me at the finish line. It's been a humid night and the trails are kind of greasy. Traversing an off-camber single track across the side of the hill. Back wheel washes out. I get thrown onto my back, land on my camelback, facing downhill, but my right foot did not unclip from the pedal. Hyperflexion of the ankle and it's a slow roll back to the start/finish. My race is over. Kelly Mac stepped up and rode my remaining 3 laps. Team Red Polka Dot Dress filed a protest with the UCI, but Dr. Fuentes said fuck 'em. We got 25 laps, they got 23. Suckers... But the real sucker will be me, if I am unable to ride the Dakota 5-0 this Sunday. A whole years worth of "training" down the drain. Not real happy about that. Let's hear it for Universal Health Care. If only I were still in Sweden...

As seen in Sødermalm, Stockholm Sweden.
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